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1.7.11 cordoba (argentina)

At the end of our stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I started to get a little sick. A dry throat turned into that and a runny nose, which also led to a temperature, and losing my voice. All that helped me knock out for our 9 hour bus ride to Argentina's university town, Cordoba. We're staying at Che Salguero in Cordoba, which is quite central to a lot of places. The place aint bad.. u get crossaints in the morning, and can have coffee/tea too.. hot showers when no-one else is using it, and the beds are a little poo (bunks squeek & shift a lot). but there's a heater in the room! (:

My bestman has thoughtfully and stupidly (I drop things very often) lent me his iTouch so I can take pics for my blogging!

Here's pics of argentinian architecture, stray dogs, and Los Gigantes.. Where we hiked to the
'nose' of the 'giant' (Cerro La Cruz mountain. Los Gigantes looks like a giant lying on his side).




and this is hiking in the Los Gigantes, in Cerro la Cruz




photos dont do justice, it was a pretty cool view, and the experience was awesome!

tomorrow, we're gonna watch the new Transformers. just cos we in luhbbbb.

peace in the middle east. x


Anonymous said...

Wooop! Transformers!

kerplouski said...

I was wondering how you were doing that! Sending me pics with "sent from my iPod", I'm like wtf?! You bought an iPod!?
I must say, your blog is totally different when it's just text. There's less warmth and I miss your "right now" pics.
Missing you heaps
Lovelovelove ona

luvieur said...

Heehee. I'm so glad ur still reading & feedbacking.
Yeah. A bit shit that it's a 'photoblog' & there's no pics... But I think it's important to document it when it's kinda fresh. Its more live.
I miss my 'right now' section too. And my own personally pics with my own touch to it ):
One month more.

♥ kabs said...

weee transformers! rosie was too pouty in that!

wow, i just realised how many awesome places you went to see! so jealous! that could have been us with bing!


luvieur said...

she was, hey?! a bit of a princess.

i know! crazy right? i cant wait for thailand TOGETHER!!


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